Catering & Collaborations


At Heather Ridge Farm and The Bee’s Knees Café we love to see catering as an opportunity to design a unique experience for you and your guests. We specialize in showcasing our meats and poultry by pairing it with the best local produce, dairy, cheeses, and foraged goods. Chef Rob Handel will work with you to design a menu to suit your tastes and your budget while retaining the unique flavor of the Catskills and Hudson Valley.


On our farm, we raise beef, pork, lamb, goat, chicken, geese, guinea fowl and duck, without antibiotics or hormones.  Our beef, lamb and goat are certified Grassfed Animal Welfare Approved.  Our pork is from heritage breeds and is also Animal Welfare Approved. We use sustainable practices to raise the happiest, healthiest, tastiest animals. Farmer Carol Clement and chef Rob Handel’s combined experience in hospitality, catering, regional agriculture, and farm networking allow us to have access to the best products our region has to offer. In our on-farm kitchen we craft these ingredients into a variety of hot dishes, charcuterie, sausages, and more. From elaborate plated meals, to casual pig roasts and barbecues, we’re proud to offer true farm to table fare sure to make any event a cherished memory.


Links to some of our collaborating food producers:

Stone Ledge Farm
Organic vegetables, fruits and fair trade coffee

Brovetto Dairy and Cheese House
Harpersfield and Farmstead cheeses

Nettle Meadow Farm
Goat and sheep dairy and cheese company

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